​​This event looks exciting! How do I receive more information and updates?

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What is the layout of the event and seating arrangements?

This is more of a reception-style event for the Main Event tickets - encompassing the Hyatt Regency's vast Ballroom Complex w/ extremely limited seating for the Main Event tickets to maximize event space and comfortable crowd flow. However, there are more open seating areas available in the VIP sections for the vast majority of the VIPs. Velvet Rope offers reserved seating. If seating is of concern, VIP or Velvet Rope is the way to go.

I purchased 2 tickets for tonight's event. Can I pick up both tickets in my name early or does each attendee have to be present at check-in?

Each person must be present at check-in.  Since this event is 21 and over, every person must be ID checked.

May I transfer or upgrade my ticket to another person?

The ticket agency has a strict No Refund policy (all sales are final). You can however sell/transfer tickets to someone else. If you would like to transfer your ticket(s) to someone else, or change the name on your ticket(s), please go to the Eventbrite web site: Click Here.


What is the refund policy?


Tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable (or you can change the name on a ticket) by logging into your Eventbrite account.

Is there a coat check at this event?




What is the dress code?


There is no formal dress code enforced, however, we want people looking their best. Creative, upscale attire is definitely encouraged! Gentlemen: range from club attire to black tie. Ladies: range from stylish cocktail attire to formal gowns.


What must I bring to the event?


Your Big Night New Orleans Eventbrite ticket.  Also, this is an adult-only event (over 21), and all attendees are required to bring an up-to-date, Government-issued photo ID with date of birth, and a smile. VERY IMPORTANT: You must be present with your ID and ticket.  You may not check-in someone else for this event. 

What is the typical makeup of attendees?

The event typically attracts a mid-20's to early 40's crowd, but anyone over 21 years old is welcome. People travel in from around the country for the event, so the event has a nice diversity to it. There is typically a 50%/50% split of singles and couples, as well as a pretty even split between men and women. There are more than ten distinct party areas/genres/themes throughout the event, so there is always something for everyone.  As a general rule, the age usually increases with the higher ticket options.


What is the age minimum for this event?


The event is for adults only (over 21), and includes all you would expect in top-notch service from the award-winning Hyatt Regency staff.  All attendees are required to bring is an up-to-date, Government-issued photo ID with date of birth, and a smile. VERY IMPORTANT: You must be present with your ID and ticket. You may not check-in someone else for this event.


What time do I get to enter into the event?


Entry times depend on your ticket type:  You may get your credentials starting at 3 PM the day of the event and entry times are as follows:

  • Main Event (no food 10:30 entry) credentials for this entry type cannot be obtained until 10:30PM the night of the event

  • Main Event Food: 9 PM

  • VIP: 9 PM

  • Velvet Rope - Dinner seating at 7pm and 8pm (into 8 Block Restaurant)